Restoring Notepad++ in the right-click context menu “New” menu

It seems that everytime Windows is updated, the option to create a new plain text file with Notepad++ gets removed from the context menu in Explorer. Easy fix:

  • find an existing .txt-file in Explorer
  • right-click -> Open with -> Choose different app
  • from the list, select Notepad++ and press Always

That’s it! ymmv.

Gimp EZ Perspective

Posting this handy Gimp plugin here, just in case it drops off the Internet. It was licensed under CC0 by the original author.

Download here.

Installation: copy the Python script into your plugins folder (location can be found under Preferences > Folders > Plugins) and restart Gimp. There should now be a new menu item under Filters > Distort.

Description, taken from the file:

EZ Perspective

A Gimp plug-in to easily change the perspective in an image, just like it says on the tin.

Particularly useful for correcting photographs, but can also be used to add a Dutch angle to any image.

Provides 3 parameters to change up/down (tilt, pitch), left/right (swing, yaw), and rotation (twist, roll).

Please use:

  • after correcting lens distortion (barrel distortion, vignetting, lateral chromatic aberration), as these depend on the lens, on the shot as taken

  • before cropping, as this changes the shape of the image, and will likely warrant cropping afterwards