Xcode – localize iOS project strings

Writing this down as I usually forget how to localize text in MyProject-Info.plist.

  • Left hand column, select Resources folder

  • Right click > New file… > Resource, Strings File

  • Save file as InfoPlist.strings

  • Open the file in the editor, enter strings to localize, like

    NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription = “Show your location on the map”;

  • Save file

  • In right hand column, click Localize button (makes the file localizable)

  • Now go to the project’s Localizations settings (under Project > Info)

  • Click Add language and select InfoPlist.strings

  • In the left hand column, there now are two entries under InfoPlist.strings. Edit as you please.

Works in Xcode 7 and 8.

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