Stop cron from cluttering syslog

Every time a cron job is executed, an entry will be added to syslog, no matter whether the job succeeded or not. I have a couple of crons that run every minute, so syslog gets awfully cluttered with useless lines. Adding > /dev/null or > /dev/null 2>&1 to the job commands doesn’t help.

Fortunately cron logging can be configured, in /etc/default/cron. Log levels are explained in that file:

# Or, to log standard messages, plus jobs with exit status != 0:
# For quick reference, the currently available log levels are:
#   0   no logging (errors are logged regardless)
#   1   log start of jobs
#   2   log end of jobs
#   4   log jobs with exit status != 0
#   8   log the process identifier of child process (in all logs)

The default is to log the start of every job. I uncommented the last line and set it to EXTRA_OPTS="-L 0"

Then, restart the cron daemon:

/etc/init.d/cron restart

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